to make a long story short
i’ve been spending the last 8 months in FL.
helped my dad out and ran the bar for a bit.
fell in love with a funny talking british chick.
and got to be there for my friends battling life changing health issues.
but it can all change in a heartbeat…
maybe I should just get used to losing the things i love most.
but no matter what, it sent me back out into the world again.
so for the second time, i said my goodbyes and left that life behind me.
my first stop i got to play guitar in Nashville TN for a bit.
made my way through the states to Wisconsin.
and now im spending time with my mom on lake superior before winter falls.
i want to head west, but i might have to head east first.
im not ready to go back to Portland yet, but when the wind blows.. i have to go with it.
I have to keep reminding myself that i cant go on to the next chapter if i keep re-reading the last one.
and as much as it hurts, as much as i truly loved this last chapter.. i have to move on, i have to keep going.
there’s so much more to this life, and a lot more to my story.
My heart is heavy, but at least it’s where it belongs, out here…

[blowing in the wind]


my girl is scared that she cant come back from England…

The nostalgia of a moment’s love can be an illusionary precipice from which we fall from truth; in heartbreak, what we escape to in the past is what tortures us in the present.


My Fear And Loathing Tribute Photo when I was traveling through the Mojave Desert to get to Las Vegas.

I miss the road, and cant wait to get back on it again.
[NIGHT125] - “Friendsgiving”
"and deep down I think we all knew.. this would be the last time we would all be in the same room together."
I am thankful to be home, I am thankful to have grown up with you gentlemen, and I am more than thankful to call you my brothers.
you all mean the world to me.
The Adventures of JISH in Wonderland
[NIGHT117] - late night street surf
[DAY107] - “Down on the Docks” with my bro Cory.
[DAY107] - “The Free Wall” Eastern Prom, Portland Maine.
and proud.

[in other news] - “HIP HOP ANONYMOUS was caught on camera with one of his ‘BUNNY BITCHES’ at pearl night club in downtown Portland Maine on Thursday, Oct. 31st of 2013. ANONYMOUS is still on the loose.”

lol caught on camera again