How I fell in love with you..
Reunited with my mom on Lake Superior In Washburn WI
Making a stupid face in Nashville TN
Chemo treatments with Joe Bro
As this chapter of my life comes to an end, today I chose to be forever reminded, that my life is a never ending story, and it’s time to turn the page


to make a long story short
i’ve been spending the last 8 months in FL.
helped my dad out and ran the bar for a bit.
fell in love with a funny talking british chick.
and got to be there for my friends battling life changing health issues.
but it can all change in a heartbeat…
maybe I should just get used to losing the things i love most.
but no matter what, it sent me back out into the world again.
so for the second time, i said my goodbyes and left that life behind me.
my first stop i got to play guitar in Nashville TN for a bit.
made my way through the states to Wisconsin.
and now im spending time with my mom on lake superior before winter falls.
i want to head west, but i might have to head east first.
im not ready to go back to Portland yet, but when the wind blows.. i have to go with it.
I have to keep reminding myself that i cant go on to the next chapter if i keep re-reading the last one.
and as much as it hurts, as much as i truly loved this last chapter.. i have to move on, i have to keep going.
there’s so much more to this life, and a lot more to my story.
My heart is heavy, but at least it’s where it belongs, out here…

[blowing in the wind]


my girl is scared that she cant come back from England…

The nostalgia of a moment’s love can be an illusionary precipice from which we fall from truth; in heartbreak, what we escape to in the past is what tortures us in the present.


My Fear And Loathing Tribute Photo when I was traveling through the Mojave Desert to get to Las Vegas.

I miss the road, and cant wait to get back on it again.